Two mid-July panels: Non-Western Approaches to Environmental Humanities and CICELI III

I’ve had quite a busy week attending two fantastic events that cover two different branches of my current research lines. On July 11, I gave a talk on the trope of disasters in contemporary transpacific cli-fi for the Non-Western Approaches to Environmental Humanities conference organized by the University of Warsaw. On July 15, I presented at the CICELI III, held by the University of Valencia, the academic guidelines for the execution of theses that deal with the relationship between literature and violence against women that I’m designing together with profs. Teresa Iribarren, Montserrat Clua, and Montse Gatell, as part of an INDOVIG 21 Innovation in Teaching Grant conceded by the Spanish government. The incredible heat that we’re experiencing couldn’t deter us and I’m happy for the feedback received at the two venues.

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