Paper: “Decolonial Theory in East Asia? Outlining a Shared Paradigm of Epistemologies of the South”

I am honored and thrilled to announce that my article “Decolonial Theory in East Asia? Outlining a Shared Paradigm of Epistemologies of the South” has been published in the issue 124 of Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais. The abstract is as follows:

This paper explores the challenges and potentialities of establishing a shared paradigm of transformative knowledge based on the dialogue between East Asian experiences and the rest of the global South, particularly Latin America. It gathers and organizes a general overview of significant attempts of framing East Asian struggles within resistances against Western hegemonic epistemological impositions. It makes the case for seeking shared links and critical differences that can help to incorporate East Asian experiences within the paradigm of epistemologies of the South. This study also problematizes the articulation of a propositional methodology of comparison that could nurture the production of local, decolonial approaches and foster the exchange of practices and knowledges from and to East Asia.

You can read the article in its entirety here.

I would like to thank the editors, reviewers, friends and colleagues who have helped me produce this text in the last couple of years. I hope you all enjoy it.

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